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West Midlands Ambulance Service Thanks Volunteers and Public for Assistance
As staff who were working over the snowy period will attest to, some of the
road conditions weren’t just difficult, they were ridiculous with monster snow
drifts caused by the strong winds. This inevitably meant some vehicles got
stuck. The Trust is extremely lucky to be supported by a wide range of
charities and organisations who mobilise in such times. These include CFRs
with 4x4 vehicles, St John Ambulance and others such as the Severn Area
Rescue Association (SARA). Equally, crews have told stories of members of
the public almost ‘magically’ appearing when their vehicle got stuck and
helping to give them a push up a hill or two. Strategic Operations Director,
Craig Cooke, said: “We are very lucky to be supported by so many generous
individuals and organisations who help out during difficult conditions such as
those we experienced last week. Not only did you help free vehicles when they got stuck, but many staff
benefitted from being given lifts into work or home again. Thank you so much for your dedication and help.”

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